3 R's of upROOTing Ableism

Recognize. Reconsider. Relate.

Join Corey, LaQuita Marie, and the talented members of Atumpan’s Dance Theatre as they change the narrative of what it means to be normal in this video.  Enjoy fun, humorous, and informative video clips and photos as Atumpan Edutainment explores how schools, businesses, social clubs, and other organizations can make their spaces more accessible by using “Three Rs” to change the narrative of normal.

Be Mindful of Marginalization

SAFARI Story_1440p.mp4

Recognize Relate Reconsider

In the story "Mother Africa's Gift" the antagonist Longhorn assumed a place of privilege because of his gifts of grace and beauty.  When Mother Africa gave all the animals their gifts, Longhorn's vanity left him defenseless against predators.

Our human world often places people who are "normal" in a position of  privilege.  People with different abilities are often automatically assumed to be in a place of disadvantage. 

Survey Says

Complete this upROOTing Ableism survey.  Responses are anonymous so you receive your answers and all results will be compiled as general data.  Feel free to share this survey with those places and spaces that are working towards the three Rs of uprooting ableism.

Form - Uprooting Ableism Survey Results

Corey and his wife LaQuita Marie founded Atumpan Edutainment as a platform to educate a variety of audiences through their rhythmic, theatrical style of storytelling.  Atumpan also allows them to address marginalization of people with disabilities through special projects such as “Changing the Narrative of Normal” that is featured in this episode.