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Sweet Smelling Kitty

Updated: Feb 25

Video Recipe, Food Game, & Amazon Kit

Power Noodles

Power Noodles is a delicious and healthy dish that features a combination of fresh vegetables and rice noodles. This recipe is easy to prepare, and has no animal-based dairy products, which can cause odor as toxins are eliminated from the dairy process within our bodies. This dish is full of fiber, which helps to pull toxins from our bodies, and can be customized to suit different tastes and dietary requirements. The key to this dish is the flavorful addition of whole foods and only partially processed foods, since ultra processed foods tend to be more toxic to our body systems.


Game Resource for Sweet Smelling Kitty


Get Sweet Kitty Help

Sweet Smelling Kitty is a convenient kit on Amazon. All natural, pill free foods to boost your love life. Get ingredients to add to your favorite dishes or smoothies that support heart health and blood circulation that keeps the fire in the furnace:


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