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3 Pathways to Vibrant Health

Generational Health through Nutritional Success

Corporations, Businesses, Organizations

  • In-person and online workshops and FAVES100 presentations (Fruits And Veggies Every Spread) 

  • Nutritional Education in the form of live cooking demos, online nutritional games, and printable resources

  • Curated content by nurse of 30+ years for staff and employees of corporations and children to embrace FAVES in everyday meals

Tune in LIVE

Tune in to the SuperFood Parents Show! Join Chef LaQuita Marie as she unlocks the secrets of "FAVES" - simple ways to pack every meal with fruits, veggies, and essential nutrients. Discover delicious recipes, learn hidden nutritional gems, and empower your family to thrive through generations!

Limited Time Offer

Skip Veggies: Quick Hack

EnergyBits algae tablets have one ingredient, one calorie, and forty vitamins and minerals. Scientific studies show algae’s nutrients help improve immune health, gut health, brain health, mitochondria health, energy, beauty, sleep, longevity and more. Algae even replaces your need for greens.

You can enjoy the combination of EnergyBits, the nutritional benefits of FAVES, and the delivery of both to your doorstep to help manage your busy lifestyle.

Limited Offer

Join for Free: Lose Big Time

As a member of our free FAVES community, you'll gain access to a wealth of nutritional resources, including recipes, chat, and nutritional games. But if you're serious about taking your nutritional education to the next level, consider upgrading to our paid membership.


With the paid membership, you'll gain exclusive access to private cooking Q & A sessions and additional resources to help you stay on track with your healthy lifestyle.

Merch, Books, Downloads

Beyond workshops and programs, SuperFood Parents equips you with powerful tools to sustain your transformation. Explore our vibrant collection of merch, books, and downloadable resources:

  • Merch: Wear your commitment to health with pride! From stylish t-shirts and tote bags to practical water bottles and recipe organizers, find the perfect items to inspire you and spark conversations.

  • Books: Delve deeper into the world of healthy eating with Chef LaQuita Marie's insightful books. Discover practical tips, delicious recipes, and actionable strategies to empower your journey.

  • Downloads: Access a treasure trove of valuable resources at your fingertips! Downloadable recipe cards, meal planners, grocery lists, and informative guides keep you motivated and on track towards your health goals.

Join for FREE, Lose Big Time

Your Success


  • Businesses: A workplace buzzing with peak performance, where reduced absenteeism and skyrocketing employee morale drive success.

  • Organizations: A vibrant community nurtured by healthy choices, leading to increased engagement and enhanced well-being for all.

  • Households: Families thriving with boundless energy, confident smiles, and freedom from chronic ailments.

At SuperFood Parents, we unlock these possibilities through the power of transformative nutritional education. Whether you're leading a company, guiding an organization, or nurturing a family, we offer 3 customized pathways to achieve your unique health goals:

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